Slim and portable 4 in 1 rotary paper trimmer features with four different types of the blades helps you complete tasks easily and satisfy various desires at your work.
4-In-1 Rotary Paper Trimmer



Beyond your expectation with 8+ features

.Simple and quick: One second to change blades by rotating the knob.
.Safety first: No need to touch the blade sharp edge during replacement.
.Save the cost: 4-in-1 cuts, buy one get 4 types of blade.
.Easy and convenient: Enable to switch blade on the side of rotary.
.Safety security: During the cutting, switch blade function is locked and not able to turn.
.Twice bonus: Maximum lifetime with two extra hidden shims. 
.Go Green: Double sides in use makes 6 sides usage on shims.
.Extra convenience: Extra space to store commonly used accessories.
.Go green: Easily replace 4-in-1 cuts to extend lifetime of the trimmer.

Item No. Blade Type Cutting Length
Cutting Height
Clamping Type Blade Guard Knife Lock Measuring Scale Format Indication Table Size (WxD) Dimensions(WxDxH)
13929 Rotary cutter
326 mm

Straight: 0.8mm

 Perforating/Waving/Scoring: 0.4mm 

Automatic Safety Cutting Head X mm/inch A7-A4 320x256 mm 479x286x80 mm 

Steel Base

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