Power Punch

When you require making countless punch jobs, 
KW-triO power punches should be your first and only choice.

We have hole punches that allows up to 300 sheets of paper,
and with the two step innovative mechanism,
your durable replaceable blades will last much longer than existing cutters out there.

Heavy Duty One-Hole Power Punch

Model : 09522

Heavy Duty Corner Rounder Punch

Model : 09521

Power 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09520

Power 3-Hole Punch

Model : 09530

Power 4-Hole Punch

Model : 09540

Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09670

Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09380

Power 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09330

Fixed Heavy Duty 4-Hole Punch

Model : 09816