Kw-triO has reengineered the common hole punch and made it even better. 
We have invested countless time, energy and resources into making our hole punches the best in the world. Precise. Effortless. Efficient. Versatile. 
Feel, see and experience the difference emanated from our obsession and hardwork.

Alphabet Hole Punch

Model : AF-01

Fixed 3-Hole Punch

Model : 099H3

Adjustable 6-Hole Punch

Model : 09173

Diary 6 Hole Punch

Model : 099H9

Fixed 10-Hole Punch

Model : 099H5

Classy Mini 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09065

Classy Smart 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09165

Classy Med. 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09665

Classy Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09865

Extendable Punch

Model : 09652

Dolphin Mini 2-Hole Punch

Model : 090X9

Twist Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch

Model : 09609/0960A