The symbol of office supplies, the desktop stapler is one of KW-triO's most passionate and proud accomplishments. Our dedication to this product line can be seen by the indepth range on offer. Stapleless Staplers, Long Reach Staplers, Ultra Lavish Chrome Plated Staplers. We definitely love our staplers.

Rotary Stapler

Model : 0536R

Positioning Stapler

Model : 05885

Extendable Stapler

Model : 055G9

Swing Stapler

Model : 055X6

Brave Full Strip Stapler

Model : 057X4

Brave No. 10 Stapler

Model : 052X4

Brave Half Strip Stapler

Model : 055X4

Stapleless Stapler

Model : 05299

i-Twist Pocket Stapler with USB 8G

Model : 05303

i-Twist Pocket Stapler with USB 8G

Model : 055B3

i-Twist Pocket Stapler with Staple Remover

Model : 05304

Twist Half Strip Stapler

Model : 055A3/055A4