TO NOTE Ruler Fixture with Discs

This is a 3-in-1 product. First, it is a ruler, centimeter on one side and inch on the other. It can also be used as a book marker. (Clip the side of the holes onto the discs so that the top is showing when you close the book.) And lastly, it can be used as a fixture to easily bind your TO NOTE.

Want to start your own craft project? Or do you want to create your personal diary? You cannot do so without the discs. Choose from 5 different sizes of discs: Dia.10mm;15mm;20mm; 25mm;35mm. Different discs allow for different numbers of sheets to be added. 10mm discs can bind up to 30 sheets while the 35mm discs can hold over 200 sheets–useful for archives or ledgers. 


A5 Ruler Fixture with Discs

Model : 9Z1AX

B5 Ruler Fixture with Discs

Model : 9Z1AY

A4 Ruler Fixture with Discs

Model : 9Z1AW