TO NOTE Notebook

The A4 sized TO NOTE is great for any classroom. It comes with thick (100gsm) high quality paper. The B5 or A5 TO NOTE can be used as business, travel journals or even as diaries. You can also choose additional covers to give your business journal a more sophisticated look or colorful covers to reflect your personality.

For shopping lists and quick ideas the A6 or A7 is a must have. They are easy to carry and can be kept in your handbag. All 5 sizes come with high quality premium paper, that is environmental and ink friendly. 


Model : 07915

TO NOTE A4 Notebook

Model : 07910

TO NOTE B5 Notebook

Model : 07914

TO NOTE A5 Notebook

Model : 07911

TO NOTE A6 Notebook

Model : 07912

TO NOTE A7 Notebook

Model : 07913