‧Cutting Length:455mm
‧Cutting Height:1.0mm
Paper Guillotine

Strong ABS base paper guillotine intergraded with the high carbon steel blade offers the alignment of sizes of A4, B4, A3 and 12", 15", 18", and features of the safety guard, knife lock, quick-released paper guide.

Item No. Cutting Length Cutting Height
Blade Type Clamping Type Blade Guard Knife Lock Measuring Scale Format Indication Table Size (WxD) Dimensions(WxDxH)
Weight Color
13921 335 mm 1.0 mm Knife press ABS shield v mm/inch A6-A4 305x350 mm 335x430x380 mm
1.74 kg Gray
385 mm
v A6-B4 360x425 mm
390x475x400 mm
2.10 kg
13914 440 mm
v A6-A3 360x480 mm 390x535x435 mm
2.44 kg

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