.Cutting Length:330 / 454mm
.Cutting Height: 1.0 / 0.6mm
5-in-1 Rotary Paper Trimmer

Slim and portable 5 in 1 rotary paper trimmer features an additional corner rounder and four different types of the blades helps you complete your tasks easily and satisfy your various desires at work.

Item No. Blade Type Cutting Length
Cutting Height
Clamping Type Blade Guard Knife Lock Measuring Scale Format Indication Table Size (WxD) Dimensions(WxDxH)
13939 Rotary 330 mm

Straight: 1mm

 Perforating: 0.6mm 

Waving: 0.6mm 

Scoring: 0.6mm

Automatic Safety Cutting Head X mm/inch A7-A4 256x320 mm 256x425x65 mm 


13139 Rotary
454 mm
Safety Cutting Head
A7-A3 256x443mm 256x549x65 mm Gray

13939-f1.jpg 13939-f2.jpg

1.Portable Corner Rounder

Offer three cutting angles 1/4, 1/8 and 3/8.

2. Repalceable Cutting Blade Set

Inclueles 4 types of blades: straight cut, perforating, wave cut, scoring.

3.Spare Cutting Blade Set Storage

4.Spare Cutting Stick Storage

5.Placement of the Cutting Stick

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