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2-in-1 Guillotine & 3 Blade Rotary Trimmer

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‧Cutting Length:320mm

1.Cuts photos, paper, card and foil.

2.Choose from: straight cuts, wavy cuts or perforations.

3.Simple to use – with active paper press.

4.Folds for easy storage and carrying.

5.The unit simply separates for use as a guillotine or trimmer .

6.Easy-to-change rotary blades.

7.Including measuring scales



1.Folding Base:

Rotary trimmer and paper guillotine can be taken apart and work separately.


2.Blade Lock:


3.Clamping Bar:

Press it to hold the paper stack when cutting.

13080-f5.jpg 13080-f4.jpg

4.Three types of cuts

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